The County Marathon

October 6th, 2019

16th Annual

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15 May

Dear fellow runners;

Our committee members have all been touched over the years by various stories we have heard from runners attending the County Marathon. There are personal stories of success. Recently, I was reading about Gary (and Gary if you are reading this perhaps you can comment). He was written in the spring 2013 issue of IRun magazine having recovered from a devastating accident and having been told he probably wouldn't walk again - he has been a regular at the County Marathon for years. On another front, my daughter was volunteering at the Ottawa Marathon last season and when the first wheel-chair athlete came across the finish line she started to cry...looking around she quickly could see she wasn't the only one moved by that sub-2 hour performance....But I think it was more than the visual of a great athlete - it was a reminder of the great things we are all capable of if we put our minds to it. Being close to greatness is moving.

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