The County Marathon

October 1st, 2017

14th Annual

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Race Weekend

We are now on our original route for 2018  - certification is in place for both the full and half marathons.  Road issues on 1.8 KM of the route just after the half start line have been addressed - the road will be in excellent shape thanks to Prince Edward County and Fidelity Engineering.

Updated race maps are available at registration - you can click here for race maps but they are not fully updated on the website.  Rest assured though you will be back at the same Hall you were in if you raced here last year for both registration and post race awards.  Otherwise start at the Picton Fairgrounds - find a volunteer and they will defintely be able to help you.

The County Marathon weekend starts at The Prince Edward Community Centre in Picton with Race Kit Pick Up 10AM - 6PM, Saturday September 30th 2017.  Wellington is the start line for the Full and Team Challenge Marathon events.  All races will finsih at our classic finish line in front of the Picton Fairgrounds with the Community Centre just a short walk away. Buses will continue to load from the Community Centre parking lot on race day, this is the same location as in previous years. We will have detailed maps and volunteer support to assist you in finding all our important locations race morning.

Buses will once again leave from the Picton Community Centre parking lot (directly behind the Crystal Palace) to start taking Full Marathon and Team Challenge participants to the start line in Wellington at 6:30 AM on Sunday morning, and Half Marathon participants to The Half Start line at the West Lake Community Church in West Lake at 8:30 on race morning. You will want to catch the bus as early as you can – the last bus will leave at 7:30 for Wellington (Full & Team) and 8:30 for West Lake (Half) but please be waiting in the designated area of the parking lot ready to board!

2017 Event Details Course Rules

• Stay to the right-hand side of the road at all times except for the final KM to the finish (pylons will direct you to the left). This is for safety and Boston Qualifying standards. Race Start Times

• The Full Marathon & Team Challenge start at 8:00am in Wellington at 167 Niles Street (Ball Diamond).

• For anyone planning to be 5 ½ hours or longer there will be an early 7:30am start for the Full Marathon.

• The Half Marathon starts at 10:00 am at the junction of County Road #12 & County Road #18 • The Wellington ESSROC Centre Arena will be open providing access to washrooms and the indoor walking track.

Vehicles • Parking is at the Picton Fairgrounds (located at the Prince Edward Community Centre – 375 Main St., Picton).

• Runners will be transported to start lines via buses.

• For the safety of runners, no unauthorized people, vehicles or bicycles are permitted on the route. These are official police road closures. You will be towed if you park on the main street outside the fairgrounds.

Buses • If you plan on getting yourself to the start of the full NOTE: Roads close at 7:30am No exceptions Full Marathon and Team Challenge Relay Runner #1 Only 6:45am Team Challenge Relay Runner #2 Only 7:45am Half Marathon and Team Challenge Relay Runner #3 Only 8:30am Team Challenge Relay Runner #4 Only 9:00am Team Challenge Relay Runner #5 Only 9:30am

Bib • Marathon bibs are yellow, Half Marathon bibs are red, and the Team Challenge bibs are blue. Chips • Your chip is in your bib, you must wear it at all times. Team Challenge participants will wear a belt which carries your bib. Each team member must pass the belt to the next runner and it must cross both the start and finish line in order to be recorded.

Pace Bunnies • Looking for a goal time? Pace Bunnies are available for the Marathon and Half Marathon. Full Marathon Pace Groups Half Marathon Pace Groups 3:30 3:45 4:00 4:15 4:30 1:40 1:45 1:50 2:00 2:10 2:20 2:30 3:00

Medical Assistance • Physiotherapists and massage therapists are available in the Rotary Hall at the finish line. The finish line will have emergency trained physicians and nurses. Ambulance crews will provide constant surveillance during the race.

Baggage Drop Off • Check your bag at the start line for transport to the finish line (bag tag provided at race kit pick-up) Pick up at Crystal Palace.

Showers • Showers will be available at the Prince Edward Community Centre, 376 Main Street, Picton from 11am-2pm.

Team Challenge • The first Team Challenge participant may use the bag check at the start line. When you meet your team member at the exchange zone and pass off bib belt, please take their personal belongings and convey them to the finish line.

• Team members are encouraged to join their final teammate and cross the finish line together. DO NOT to block the finish line from other runners trying to cross the finish.

• Relay points #2 through #4 will have a bus for runners to use as shelter.

Re/Max Water Stations • Water stations will be located at every 4 km in the first half and every 2 km in the second half. Water and Gatorade in 5 oz. Cups will be offered at each station. Water will be offered first and Gatorade at the back of each station. Eload gels will be offered at km 16 & 32. Port-a-Potties are located near water stations and start lines.

Kilometre Markers • There will be industrial pylons every kilometre throughout the course. Every KM will be marked visibly.

Post Run Events • Enjoy a cool drink of chocolate milk as you make your way through the finisher shoot. Relax during our Award Ceremony at 1:00 pm and enjoy a complementary beer and cider from Barley Days Brewery.

The County Marathon Executive thanks you, and wishes you the very best in your run on Sunday

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